How to Use a Full-face Snorkeling Mask?

How to Use a Full-face Snorkeling Mask?

Snorkeling is a fantastic sport which is easy to learn in water activity, you only need simple and light equipment (snorkel, mask, fins.) to enjoy the underwater scenery. In summer, snorkeling would be your first choice for vacation with your family and friends. The snorkel mask is the most important equipment in your snorkeling trip. With full-face snorkel mask available today, you are neither disturbed by a mouthpiece. Whether snorkeling beginners or snorkeling enthusiasts, they tend to choose full-face snorkel masks.

How to select the right size?

A snorkel mask that is too large will have risk of water ingress, while a small one can cause excessive pressure and cause discomfort. So it's truly a important step to choose the right size before snorkeling.

Most full-face snorkeling masks on the market are available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. In order to get the right size, you should first measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to your chin. This distance is the key for your choice. If less than 11.5CM, please choose S/M, if longer than 11.5CM, please choose L/XL. Of course, that's the choice in most cases. If your face is wider, or your nose is quite large, then you can also consider L/XL.

How to wear a full-face snorkel mask correctly?

Wearing the full-face mask correctly will bring you a better experience of snorkeling trip. Now, we would like to introduce to you the complete guide to wear a full-face snorkel mask.

Step 1: Use anti-fogging spray before snorkeling. (Or you can use toothpaste, but remember don't touch the mask with your hands. Then rinse the mask with tap water)

Step 2: Now dry the mask with a soft towel, or dry in fresh air. (avoid prolonged sun exposure)

Step 3: After drying your mask, you can wear it now. Start by opening the foldable tube and button it.

Step 4: Pull the hair back to make sure it is not on the face, then hold up the strap and put the mask on. For gentlemen, your beard may prevents a perfect seal between the mask's silicone skirt and your skin, you will need to shave before putting on the mask.

Step 5: Fix the mask and adjust the straps until you feel comfortable, then breathe normally and check if everything is ok.

Step 6: Please use the mask in clear water in advance to ensure that it is worn correctly.

How to clean the snorkel mask after using?

After each time you use of the snorkel mask, cleaning is extremely important.

Step 1: Add mild soap or detergent into clean water to rinse the mask. Be sure to rinse every corner of the mask to make sure that there is no gravel or salt residue. Note, you can’t touch the lens with your fingers.

Step 2:Rinse the detergent residue on the mask with tap water.

Step 3: Dry the snorkel mask with a soft towel. Alternatively, the mask can be dried in fresh air. Drying is important to prevent bacteria from settling in the mask.


When storing snorkel masks, it is important to choose a suitable storage place. We must avoid sunlight, then choose a dry, moderate temperature indoor storage. You can put the snorkeling mask in a matching net bag or box. 

Note: After the last use in this season, the snorkel mask should be cleaned thoroughly. Otherwise, the bacteria remaining on the mask may stay until your next use.

More tips

When you purchase or receive a full-face snorkel mask, the first thing is to make sure the product has no damage or any defects. Once you have been sure everything goes well, the next step is to try on the full-face snorkel mask. Never leave the snorkel on the beach. Sand may get stuck in the mask. Sand will not only damage the lens but also the breathing tube. Gentlemen, don’t expect to find a full-face snorkeling mask suitable for bearded men, if you have a long beard. If your beard is not too long to ensure that the beard is within the edge of the mask, then you can try a full-face snorkel mask. Note, remember to test whether the mask is flooded before going into the sea.

If you don't know what size full-face mask is right for you, then please try to choose a snorkeling mask brand with only one size. Usually this kind of product has a reasonable adjustable design to suit most people's faces.


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