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Featured for keeping super hands warm

The main material of thermal insulation is 3M THINSULATE and warm cotton. It consists of 40 gram 3M thinsulate and 100 gram high density warm cottons. The interior fabric is made of soft skin-friendly ML-K fibers, increasing the comfortableness and breathability. This premium material makes thinner & lighter than normal one. Easy to carry and keep in your pocket.

Excellent Waterproof and Windproof Design keeps hands dry

The warm gloves with the inserted waterproof and breathable TPU between mixed fluffy 3M THINSULATE & warm cotton and exterior density composite fabrics, protecting your hands against the heavy snow and light snowmelt in sports. The elastic adjustable wristband and drawstring closure create a thermal barrier to against heavy snow and cold air out in skiing, snowboarding, sledding, motorcycling and other winter sports.

How to Select Correct Lens?
According to VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Reference Scope, you can choose suitable lens color for different light condition.

VLT 0-8% - Suitable for sunny day with strong sunlight.
VLT 9-18% - Suitable for sunny to partially clouded day.
VLT 19-42% - Suitable for cloudy,foggy day.
VLT 43-79% - Suitable for low light conditions.
VLT 80-99% - Suitable for dark and poor light.

Perfect companion for your winter sports!

Whether you're beginner or a seasoned professional, a good pair of ski gloves is a must-have on your winter sports. Our skiing gloves are designed to offer you amazing dexterity, fantastic overall feel. It is very warm, waterproof and able to withstand the rigors of hard use in all kinds of bad conditions. Do not hesitate, Get it now!