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Till strong Performs Under -45°C, the TPE material allows to wear easy on/off to stretches over most footwear.

Strengthening Chains & links are made from stainless steel and the chains are welded, even further increasing durability. These hold our crampons and ice spikes in place firmly.

Double reinforced rubber eyelets that allow the elastomer bands to be lighter and stronger than ever and to prevent tearing and improve longevity.

Ergonomoic plate system adds spike stability and the independent layout of the spikes helps prevent snow from balling up. These crampons are created to provide great traction across slippery surfaces.

From mountain tops to the beaten path, Passionate winter enthusiasts are filled with their love for the outdoors and human-powered adventure born from the sole to the soul.

Tracing the footsteps, Unigear delivers unrivaled traction for these enthusiasts. Utilizing the high-quality ergonomic plate system with stainless steel chains and spikes, Unigear Traction is tough enough to handle your any adventures and it is a solid choice to support your active lifestyle and reduce muscular fatigue for your winter wilderness pursuits.

Stay up and stay out with aggressive traction you can count on. Wearing your favorite boots and never let ice conditions slow you down again!