How to Survive a Forest Fire while Hiking or Camping

How to Survive a Forest Fire while Hiking or Camping

What causes a forest fire?

A forest fire can be – natural or humanmade. Natural causes include lightning and friction produced by trees. Humanmade causes include smoking, careless cooking, etc. Forest fires are fed by a fire triangle consisting of – heat, oxygen and fuel.

Due to global warming and climate changes- forest fires have occurred five times more often and burnt six times the portion of land in the recent past as compared to before. All hikers and campers are at increased risk of meeting with forest fires.

There are three types of forest fires- ground fire occurs beneath the branches, surface fire that occurs at 1.3 m height and crown fire spreads through treetops. Ground fires can be extinguished by digging trenches, surface fires via firebreaks and crown fires by using chemical fire retardants.

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