Camfy P3 Air Sleeping Pad


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Description The Camfy P3 is a quick and convenient sleeping solution for hikers with an innovative ergonomics design to evenly distribute the weight for great comfort. The upgraded 40D high-tensile nylon fabric resulting in an excellent insulation to reduce heat loss from the cold ground. Stay warm and cozy with all the quiet you needed on every journey.
  • Provide excellent lumbar support, soft contours keep you centered on the pad and concave baffles to relax your legs
  • Dual unique anti-leakage valves allow for rapid and easy inflation and deflation, compatible with the included pump sack
  • Three-inches thickness grid weld pattern, can protect you from touching the rough ground under cold conditions.
  • R-value is 2, ideal for 3 seasons use; provides significant insulation from ground temperature.
  • Includes inflatable 2 in 1 pump and stuff sack and field repair kit

    Sleep tight on the pad, look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

    Specs + Sizing


    Fabric 40D 310T Nylon


    Product Size Regular Wide 186 * 64 * 7.5 cm / 73.22 * 25.19 *2.95 in Large 196 * 64 *7.5 cm / 77.16 * 25.19 *2.95 in
    Prodcut Weight Regular Wide 0.94kg / 1.3 oz  Large 1kg / 3.2 oz
    Package Weight 0.96kg / 33.86 oz
    Thickness 6.35cm / 2.5 in
    R - Value 2


    Can you use your mouth to inflate this sleeping pad?

    We don't suggest to use mouth to inflate the pad, cause the pad will get moisture inside.
    There is a pump sack you can use, only 12-15 pumps and the pad will be fully inflated.

    How many breaths does it take to fully inflate this pad?

    It takes only 12-15 quick pumps to be fully inflated, preventing moisture from entering the sleeping pad.

    Can this be used in hammock?

    Yes, you can use it in a hammock to make you feel more comfortable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    simon young
    This is a game changer

    Wow I thought my exped matt was pretty good until I tried this, completely changed the quality of my sleep when wild camping up the lake district fells. 1st night I used it I slept for 7hrs solid 👌. Was plenty warm enough too at 850m with temp over night down to 0 degrees. Brilliant mat

    Al in SoCal
    Small and comfortable enough

    This is not the same as your bed at home, but certainly better than sleeping on a hard ground. It folds up quite small so is easy to transport and inflates easily as well. I don't have a lot of experience with sleeping pads, but I do know what is comfortable and I am able to get comfortable enough to get a nights sleep on it.
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    Al in SoCal
    It's a "Side-Sleeper"

    This mat is easy to inflate using the bag it comes in.
    The inner-sleeve pulls out to create a larger bag, click it into place on the mat's blow-hole and squeeze air in.
    Your butt will hit bottom if you're sitting on it but once you lay down even a side sleeper will find comfort.
    Its tough, empties fast and rolls up nicely when you're done.

    Al in SoCal

    It's rather amazing how they can pack a full size sleeping pad into such a tiny package.
    Once folded the pad slips into the provided sleeve of about 12 inches long and four inches thick.

    The quality of materials is excellent and the workmanship is very good.
    Comfortable for me.

    4.0 out of 5 stars SIDE SLEEPERS DREAM

    Great affordable sleeping pad for the side sleeper. Provides a comfortable rest with baffling in all the right spots! Lightweight enough. Comes with quality repair patches and its made of a durable material. Carry sack is an inflation bag making a competive quality pad for amazing pricing.

    Wishlist for upgrade:
    1. the inflation bag doesn't capture a whole lot of air. (Hint: get an ultralight battery pump if you don't mind the weight)
    2. the inflation valve immediately releases air if you're not quick.
    3. Would love a double version for 2 people.

    It's a good value buy and gets the job done for a good night's sleep.