outdoor gears


A comprehensive camping gear guide

Packing the correct gear to help you brave the weather is the first step to a successful camping trip. However, if your equipment list is sparse and you're only concerned with getting through the weekend, you're doing it incorrectly. A few creature amenities will make your time outside even more enjoyable, and many of them are inexpensive. This product contains things from the brand we trust that we've investigated and analyzed from afar, as well as gear and garments we've tested and used on our adventures. Please put it in your trunk, and your journey will be off to a great start.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, it's even more crucial to double-check local restrictions before you travel. The majority of public and private outdoor are open, but they are still following protocols to prevent the virus from spreading. In most places, including all federally maintained parks and lands, face masks are required, access to buildings and facilities is limited in some areas, and activities and services may be unavailable. While you're there, try postponing visits to popular trails or other sights to avoid crowds.

100% titanium camping cup

Don't be deceived by its vintage appearance—this 12-ounce, the lightweight mug isn't a throwback to the good old days of camping. Unigear's titanium cup uses vacuum-sealing and a lid to keep drinks hot or cold for several hours. We especially enjoy the ergonomic grip and the tight-fitting lid cover, which keeps dribbles and leaks at bay.



Unigear's rechargeable hand warmer is simple to use, lasts a long time, and has a rounded form that makes it simpler to grip than other warmers. While it takes a little longer to charge than our other selections, it is the only one we tested that can charge an external device while warming your hands. However, it runs more relaxed than most rechargeables, reaching a maximum temperature of 103°F, which is slightly lower than our other favorites but still keeps our hands toasty warm.



By expertly blending comfort, organization, and durability, the Unigear rain cover waterproof is our favorite backpacking backpack for 2021. The hanging "Anti-Gravity" back panel is the eye-catcher, but we enjoy the Unigear because it's more than just a step forward in pack ventilation. The pocket design is smartly put out with plenty of options to divvy up goods, and the materials are all top-notch and stand up well to rigorous handling, and we've found it easy to dial in a decent fit. Overall, the Unigear is a well-rounded design used for anything from small overnight treks to extended wilderness excursions.