Top 8 Amazing Water Sports For 2018 Summer Holiday

Top 8 Amazing Water Sports For 2018 Summer Holiday

Image the crystal clear blue water, cool wind blowing in your hair and sipping a cocktail with friends on the beach. When it comes to summer fun, you want to make sure that you are adding in some much-needed water sports. Trying some thrilling water activities will make your whole holiday full of amazing and exciting memories!

Besides swimming, snorkeling  or wakeboarding, there are plenty of other water activities to pick from, but you might find yourself having a little trouble choosing the right one for your needs. For some people, there is no choice to make because they do everything they can to experience it all.

So, if you are one of the water enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, these water sports should be good choices to try! As the summer is about to become water sports holiday filled with extreme sports, exercise and the excitement that you want and need, visit an excellent water sports store for your water sports equipment.

Below are the 8 water sports that you must try during summer vacation:

1.Stand-Up Paddling

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Stand-up Paddling (SUP for short) is a sport that you stand on a long board and use a paddle to navigate yourself across the surface of the water.

SUP is the hot new trend in water sports. It’s one of the best workouts available is paddle boarding. Paddling into the calm sea water along with the magnificent sightseeing allows you to find inner peace and feel more relaxed.

Water Sports Equipment for SUP:

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SUP board:

There are many different types of sup board for different using purposes, surfing, fishing, racing,sup yoga, etc. Choosing a right SUP board will ultimately depend on your lifestyle and personal preference, what you plan to use it for and what your is budget. However, a narrow, lighter, and longer board can go faster than its counterpart.


The best stand up paddle should be made of durable, lightweight materials so that it can be used all day long and able to handle any conditions you get into. It should be the right length to ensure your comfort and enjoyment on the water.

SUP Leash:

If you don’t anchor your board, remember to keep a SUP leash on as it will make sure the board will not get away if you accidentally fall off.

PFD (Personal flotation device):

A PFD is essential to every stand-up paddle boarder. It is the same as a life jacket or a paddle sports life vest that keeps you afloat in water. So do remember always to wear one before you go for SUP.


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Kayaking is great for your family. Like stand-up paddling, it offers an excellent chance to get close to nature and wildlife. It can be done in the rivers, sea or lakes. However, kayaking in rapid waters is considered dangerous, and it takes many years to learn the skills.

Don’t try that if you are a beginner.

Gears for kayaking:

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Many recreation hotels have a kayak rental service, so you don't have to buy one yourself. Just tell the people who are in charge about what type of paddling you wish to do and what level of paddler you are, then they will choose one for you.


The Paddle is the most important piece of your kayak gear. Different kayaking goes with different paddles, but the people who offer kayak gear rental service will help you figure out which paddle suits you.

Bilge Pump:

A bilge pump is used to remove water from your boat if you get hit by a wave. It is an essential gear especially when you kayak alone. The most commonly used bilge pump in kayaking is the hand pump.

Dry Bag:

A dry bag is used to keep your snacks, cellphone, and other gears dry when you get to the destination. It’s quite necessary. Just make sure it is available in the boat.

A Personal Floatation Device (PFD):

Just as explained above, PFD is also a must for every kayaker. It will keep you afloat in case of emergency.

A spray deck:

A spray deck is a waterproof skirt that you wear on your waist, so when you sit inside the cockpit, the spray skirt wraps around the cockpit and stops water from getting inside your kayak.

3.Scuba Diving

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Scuba diving is one of the top water sports for a person who loves exploring the underwater. Although it is very tough, so you can dive with a professional diver/guide who will ensure your safety under the sea. 

Gears Needed For Scuba Diving:

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Buy yourself a comfortable mask that fits your face. You'll also want a mask that lets you breathe properly and see clearly. (TIP: Comfort is key)


Scuba tank is for carrying air underwater. You can rent one from the local dive shop instead of buying.

Buoyancy Compensator (BC):

It is used to control buoyancy and hold the tank during diving. Buoyancy Compensator is heavy and expensive, so for this reason, many divers would choose to rent as well from a local dive store to avoid extra weight in their scuba packs.


Regulator delivers the air from the tank into your mouth at a lower pressure. Many regulators are very reliable, and most dive shops will prepare a lot of well-maintained rental regulators for divers to use.


You also need a pair of scuba fin so you can move smoothly underwater through a medium that's 800 times denser than air. Buying yourself a pair of a comfortable fin is very important as rental fins come in different sizes and styles which make it hard to choose a perfect one. (TIP: A pair if open-heel fins are most commonly used among divers.)


If you are going to dive in the colder water, it is advisable you get a good wetsuit of your own because it will not only fit your body perfectly but keep you warm under the sea.

Believe it or not, many divers pee in rental wetsuits. So diving in a wetsuit that has been peed in is very irritating and disgusting.

Get Yours!

4.Water Skiing & Wakeboarding


Are you a big fan of skiing? These two can become your favorite! Water skiing and wakeboarding are very similar, as both are towed by a powerboat at high speeds with a ski rope, as you can tell from the terms, water skiing requires you wear skis, while wakeboarding involves a small wakeboard.

Gears Water Skiing and Wakeboarding:

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The length of a ski is based on your weight and the boat speed.


There are many wakeboards on the market. Hyperlite wakeboard, Liquid Force wakeboard, Ronix wakeboard, Byerly wakeboard and Slingshot wakeboard etc. However, your weight plays a vital role in choosing the right size.

A ski rope:

A ski rope length is between 70 feet, and 75 feet with the handle inclusive. A recommended rope is one-quarter-inch diamond braid polyethylene/polypropylene with breaking strength greater than 800 pounds.

A wakeboard rope:

There are two types, the no-stretch, and the low-stretch. Low-stretch ropes will be the best rope choice as it provides enough elasticity that supports a change in speed or going from one turn to the next.

A life jacket:

It remains essential for your water activities.


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Parasailing is a terrific and fun adventure sport. Choosing to do a parasailing adventure will be something you won't regret. Parasailing is not considered a sports activity but more of a recreational activity intended to be a fun ride.

Ever wondered how it feels to be soaring over vast bodies of water at incredible heights? If there were a way for a human to emulate the seagull, it would be parasailing. Parasailing is considered to be one of the most enjoyable water activities in the world. While being winched up into the air, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea as well as the island.



Surfing is considered one of the most exciting and famous water sports. Many types of surfing sports rely on various waves and surfboards such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP etc.

Although this water sport is primarily for professionals, it can be learned after 3-4 days of offline training.

A surfboard is essential equipment for surfing. You can buy one or rent one at a surf shop. In general, it is best for beginners in surfing to choose a bigger surfboard and a tougher surfing leash that will keep you close to your board.

7.Jet Skiing


Jet skiing is another water sport you should try. It is a fantastic recreational activity, and you can have loads of fun while racing over the water at a very high speed in a one-man watercraft, your heartbeat goes faster, and your adrenaline rushes increases through your body.



Sailing is fun and a recreational water activity that can last a lifetime. It can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age and ability and is something that either gender can take up. It indeed is one of those leisure activities that are open to everyone. It’s affordable, safe and secure.

Sailing offers an excellent opportunity for family times as you are going to travel and explore the ocean together. Imagine the white sail billowing against a blue sky, the breeze blowing wind through your hair, as well as the feeling of the gentle motions of the boat as it cleanly slices through the water. It is an experience like none other!

Final Words

Hopefully, this blog helps you to choose the right water sport you need to fill your summer holiday with enough fun. If you have any unique water activity you believe is relevant to the summer holiday, I am open to your suggestions. Kindly leave your comments below, and I will answer you promptly!


Have fun in the water and have a great time on the water!

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