Top 10 Benefits of Hammock Camping

Top 10 Benefits of Hammock Camping

It’s difficult not to like hammocks and they’re a great essential when you’re preparing for camping or hiking adventures. Hammocks are comfy, safe and super portable!

They are most common in Central and South America, but they’re quickly becoming more and more popular among campers and adventurers all over the world.

In order to understand why hammocks are such a great tool, here are the top 10 benefits hammocks have to offer:

They Offer Greater Flexibility

Hammocks are not only comfortable, they’re very flexible, which means you can find many different ways to set it up. Tents, on the other hand, need to be set up in flat, smooth areas that aren’t close to bodies of water, which greatly limits your choices.

With hammocks, however, you’ll be able to set up around trees or over water, swamps and rocky ground, which makes it possible for you to enjoy the magical experience of camping close to water.

That being said, remember that you should always camp at least 200 feet away from bodies of water to prevent pollution and to avoid disturbing wildlife!

They’re Easy To Set Up And Put Away

Once you know what to do, setting up your hammock will only take a few minutes.

What you need to do is choose a couple of sturdy and healthy trees that are at 13 to 17’ apart and at least 8” in diameter.

Once you have your trees, wrap a tree strap around them, pass the metal ring through the loop, and finally hook the tree strap rings to the rings on the ends of the hammock.

They’re More Comfortable

One of the many great advantages of hammocks is that they’re a lot more comfortable to sleep in than sleeping bags. Because you’re off the ground, your back won’t suffer and you’ll be able to relax more. This means that you’ll be getting better sleep, which is essential to be a happy camper.

What’s more, hammocks are more portable than tents because they can be easily fit into your backpack, which means that you’ll be carrying a lot less weight and you’ll be able to use the space in your backpack more efficiently.

They’re Lighter And Easier To Carry

Hammocks weight a lot less than tents and they require less set up tools, so that means you’ll be carrying very little weight compared to tent systems.

During colder times of the year, you’ll need an insulated hammock, but they still weigh a lot less than other options.

Keep in mind that when purchasing your hammock, your first choice should be hammocks with ultra-light slings, which are ideal for the outdoors.

They Will Keep You Away From Bugs

For many people, one of the most disturbing things about camping is having bugs crawl up on you while you sleep. Hammocks definitely keep you away from creepie-crawlies, but there’s one more nuisance to worry about: mosquitoes!

Unfortunately, being off the ground won’t save you from mosquitoes, but that can be easily fixed with the use of a mosquito net. That way you’ll be protected from all sides and you’ll be able to enjoy a nice sleep

They Will Allow You To Appreciate The Night Sky

Hammocks, as opposed to tents, offer a full view of the night sky and they also offer better access to fresh air and daylight. After all, that’s the main reason people go camping for: to enjoy nature’s fresh air and to appreciate the views.

They’re Cheaper

Hammocks systems are less cheaper than tent systems simply because they’re easier to manufacture and they require a lot less engineering. You can easily find hammocks for as little as $15, and other extra accessories are also very cheap. Overall, you’ll save hundreds of dollars if you choose a hammock instead of a tent.

Let's do math:

Unigear parachute hammock and waterproof tarp shelter Price: $28.99 + $31.99 = $60.98

A Kelty Grand Mesa 2 tent and a sleeping pad Price: $ 139.95 + $ 74.95 = $214.90 You can buy a lot of gear with the $153+ you will save.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

If you’re conscious about the environment and you’re a fairly green-minded person, then you’ll be happy to know that hammocks are a lot better for the environment because they don’t leave traces behind and they won’t require you to disturb the environment of the spot you choose in order to make room for a tent.

If you’re worried about the trees, you should know that there are many tree-straps devices on the market that are made to avoid harming the integrity of the tree trunks by cushioning the tree trunks against the weight of the hammock.

They Can Help You With Insomnia

Insomnia is fairly common and you’ll be surprised to know that hammocks can actually lend a helping hand. Because they’re so comfortable and they can be rocked back and forths, they will allow you to fall asleep quicker and deeper than you would in your bed.

In fact, hammocks prop up your body at perfect points and they allow you to acquire the perfect sleeping position, which is lying on your back, with your head slightly elevated to 10 or 30 degrees.

They Will Shelter You From The Elements

Hammocks systems are complete with protective tarps that will keep you dry if it rains during the night. This means that you won’t wake up in the middle of a puddle!

You’ll also be protected from the sunlight in the early hours of the morning and it makes for a comfortable place to enjoy the windy afternoons.

Final Words

As we’ve learned to far, hammocks offer many great benefits to improve your camping experience, so you should definitely give them a try.

If you can’t really get into it because you’re so used to tents, you should know that there are different kinds of hammocks such as hammock tents, tree tents or suspension tents, which combine the benefits of hammock systems with those of tent systems to provide a better experience.

It can take you a few nights to get used to sleeping in a hammock, but it’s definitely worth a try if it means they will improve your time in nature by providing comfort and safety. Make sure that you choose a hammock that you’re happy with and you won’t regret it!

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