How to Use a Hydration Backpack?

How to Use a Hydration Backpack?

If you love outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding, running, mountain climbing, and more, you will benefit greatly from using a hydration backpack. You must remain hydrated if you’re engaging in strenuous physical activities, and a hydration backpack like the Unigear Hydration Pack Backpack will allow you to quench your thirst quickly and easily.

Hydration backpacks allow you to ditch water bottles for good, which will not only save space in your backpack but will also help you reduce waste. Plus, it will make drinking water during your outdoor activities so much more practical and convenient than you ever thought. That’s why today we’ll show you how to use a hydration backpack!

What Is a Hydration Backpack?

A hydration backpack is simply a backpack that comes with a hydration built-in system. This hydration system consists of a water reservoir, which is known as a “bladder”, that’s made of plastic or rubber. Once the bladder is filled with water, you can use the hose to drink water without having to use your hands or stop to get a water bottle out.

How to Choose a Hydration Backpack?

When you’re on the market for a hydration backpack, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, consider the types of activities you’ll be doing the most. Hydration backpacks are a good investment if you’re constantly engaging in activities where you don’t want to make frequent stops to hydrate, such as bike riding, running, etc.

Also, you need to consider how long these activities take you and what you usually need to have on you so you can choose a bladder with the right capacity for your purposes and the right storage size.

Second, you must consider your water needs. For example, if you sweat a lot, you may need a larger water bladder. But if you don’t, a small reservoir will do just fine.

Third, consider the weather! Consider using a hydration backpack that’s insulated because it works great for the winter and it will also keep your water cool for longer during the summer.

Fourth, you should consider the price. As you can imagine, there are many options available at all price ranges. Larger water backpacks are usually more expensive, so settle on a budget before you start your research.

Overall, you want to choose a hydration backpack that will cover all your needs while you’re out on the great outdoors. You also want it to be sturdy, easy to clean, comfortable, and not too heavy.

We suggest the Unigear Hydration Pack Backpack, a highly affordable option with a 70 oz/2 liter capacity that’s easy to use, easy to clean, comfortable, adjustable, and lightweight. It’s available in different colors and it will fulfill all your hydration and storage needs without breaking the bank!

How to Use a Hydration Backpack?

Once you have your hydration backpack, it’s time to figure out how to use it. Now, using a hydration backpack is not at all complicated, which is why they’re so great.

To use a hydration backpack, the first thing you need to do is learn how to detach the bladder. Some backpacks will require you to unscrew the bladder, while others have a clip to unlock.

Whatever the case may be, get comfortable with it. Then, take the bladder and fill it with water and close it. Do check the instructions on how to fill up the bladder properly so you don’t make a mess!

Now that you have your full bladder, put it back on the backpack, and close the hydration pack. Put the hydration backpack on, and now it’s time to test the hose. Put the tube in your mouth, bite down, and suck as if you were drinking from a straw.

Once you know everything’s working perfectly, clip the hose to the backpack strap on your chest so you can take it and drink water whenever you need it.

When you’re done with your outdoor activity, you need to make sure to clean the water bladder. Every time you use your hydration backpack you want to make sure to clean the bladder and do it well.

Some models will require you to brush the inside of the bladder, which is extremely useful when you decide to drink something different than water. But if that’s not the case, simply fill the water bladder with warm water, give it a good shake, and then empty it.

If you’ve poured another type of drink, you can mix hot water with an antibacterial powder. Pour the solution into the bladder, shake it, and rinse as many times as necessary to make sure it’s clean.

Once you’ve managed to clean your water bladder after using the hydration backpack, make sure you hang it upside down for several hours so it’s completely drained out. Of course, you should always consult the instructions, not just for cleaning, but also for assembly and use, just to make sure you do things right.

Never use boiling water or things like bleach to clean your water bladder, that would ruin it!

You also want to make sure to clean the hose. Most hydration backpacks have a hose cleaning kit, but it’s not usually included with the backpack. If possible, we recommend you get the kit because it will make cleaning the hose easier.

If not, you can use an elongated brush along with some warm, soapy water to do the job. As always, consult the instructions to make sure you conserve the integrity of the hose. And that’s it! That’s how you clean and use a hydration backpack.

As you can see, using a hydration backpack is uncomplicated and so is maintaining it. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly whenever you decide to drink something other than water and clean it at least once a week if you’re only drinking water.

Hydration backpacks are a must for all adventurers and lovers of nature, so consider getting the Unigear Hydration Pack Backpack which offers everything you need at an affordable price!

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