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Description With just enough insulation for 3-season sleeping bag for nights,ideal for travel, backpacking and bike touring. Enjoy a good night's sleep at the end of an adventure day with Camfy Bed 30°F. Well suited to camping in any conditions and provide comfort in temperatures below freezing.
  • The outer shell is made of 75-denier nylon is incredibly soft; 75-denier synthetic lining is ultrasmooth on your skin. Recycle Down Like is make of recycle polyester which is authorized by GRS
  • 30 F -- -2.2°F tested extreme limit, 26.6°F tested lower limit and 37.4°F tested comfort limit are certified to the ASTM standard
  • Breathable fabric and two way zip keeps you cool and comfortable
  • With the sleeping bags' SBS two-way zipper system, you can open it from either end to use as a comforter or quilt, or even connect two bags to make a double and sleep as a family or couple

    At the end of the day, wake up from your sleeping bag, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.

    Specs + Sizing


    Shell 75D 185T Polyester
    Liner 75D 190T Synthetic
    Insulation 300 g Recycled Downlike
    Closure Type Drawstring, Zipper
    Shape Rectangular


    Product Size Regular 213 * 85cm / 83.85 * 33.46 in
    Long 228 * 85cm / 89.76 *33.46 in
    Prodcut Weight Regular 1.86 kg / 65.60 oz Long 2.01 kg / 70.90 oz
    Shoulder * Hip * Foot Circumference 150 cm / 59 in
    Package Dimensions L * W * H 41.9 * 26.67 * 22.86cm / 16.50 * 10.50 * 9.00 in
    Package Weight 2.1 kg / 74.07 oz
    Temperature Rating Comfort: 3°C (37.4°F), Limit: -3°C (26.6°F), Extreme: -19°C (2.2°F)
    What's Included Sleeping bag * 1, Insulation Sample *1, Storage Bag *1, Mesh Bag *1


    Do you have the washing instructions?

    1. Use only oversized commercial front loading washing machine with a rotating drum action
    2. Zip up bag completely. Wash cold, rinse cold on gently cycle using 1/4 mild detergent.
    3. Alternate method: hand wash in bathtub, following instruction as in #2.

    Can it be suitable for kids?

    Yes, these sleeping bags for adults and kids come in two sizes – Regular: 83.9 x 33.5”(weight 1.86 kg, Packed dimension 44 x 27 x27 cm), and Long: 89.8 x 33.5”(weight 2.012kg,Packed dimension: 44 x 27 x 27 cm). Also, with the sleeping bags' SBS two-way zipper system, you can open it from either end to use as a comforter or quilt, or even connect two bags to make a double and sleep as a family or couple.

    Customer Reviews

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    Anita as No Diva
    Nice cold weather bag, almost 4 seasons with smart layering

    This is a great sleeping bag. My sister & I recently took a tent camping trip up to Lake Hemet in CA. It was warm-ish in the day but dropped to below 30 degrees at night. Luckily I had packed this bag vs. my old 3 seasons one because I wanted to try this one out. My 3 seasons bag is more of a summer/late spring bag good for when temps aren't expected to drop below 50. This one is rated a little bit better, down to 30 degrees and it all fancy new with the new synthetic fibers/fabrics that tend to be much warmer - better at blocking cold air out & keeping warm body heat in. This one is rated for 45-30 degrees comfort zone.
    We sleep in a pretty nice 6 man tent with full rain fly on standard twin size inflatable air mattresses (no wind gets in our tent if all windows & vents are zipped, also does not leak heat. We put a standard tarp under the tent, a waterproof picnic mat down on the tent floor, another waterproof blanket on the air mattress, this sleeping bag and another waterproof blanket stuffed in the bag but on top of my body. I slept in leggings under sweatpants, tank top, long sleeve, thin sweatshirt and Sherpa fleece hoodie with wool socks & a beanie. Kind of overkill maybe but I was pretty much frozen getting into bed and ended up having to kick out the top blanket and sherpa hoodie during the night - I was toasty warm in the bag. The camp ranger said temp dropped to 22 degrees that night. A really good test for this bag as it was below it's listed rating but I was still plenty warm. Keep in mind all the extra layers I had going on & that our tent seals up tight - if it was just my naked body & the bag I would have been too cold. I generally sleep fully clothed cause getting up to pee in the middle of the night is bad enough - forget having to slip out of warm heaven into cold hell without layers of clothing already on. It is heavy weight but not to bulky when rolled up. It has a semi-mummy hood to keep your head tucked in and seal in all your warmth, there is a draw-string to pull the head into a full mummy and really seal in all your body heat. It is not a full mummy bag so it has plenty of leg room which I like, plenty of room to stretch out or sleep curled up in a ball. The nylon outer fabric is smooth, well seamed and blocks all wind without being noisy when I move around in it. It has a separate foot space zipper for venting. It stuffs easily into it's sack and the sack has tightening straps for max compression. Really good cold weather/4 seasons bag for tent camping with a few smart layers added. For $80 it is way better than others in it's same price category.