In the mountains the weather can be highly changeable and very brutal. When the sun comes out the brightness is amplified due to altitude. So if skiing or snowboarding at a very high altitude, then it's even more important to protect your eyes effectively. The sunlight also reflects off the snow, intensifying brightness.
Unigear ski goggles can filter UV rays and protect your eyes from sun glare off the snow; prevent ice, snow and wind from slipping under and around the lenses; give you a wider range of vision than sunglasses for a safer ride.


OTG and Frameless Design
Available to wear your prescription eyeglasses under the goggles

Ventilation System
Full channel vents on top & bottom sides enhance air-flow to reduce fogging

Helmet Compatibility Strap
Adjustable Strap with unti-slip silicone fits different size of helmet and facemask.

Comfortable Triple Face Foam
High density foam can cut winds out and keep your face warm, designed for comfort.

Please choose suitable lens according to the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Reference Scope:

  • VLT 0-8% - Suitable for sunny day with strong sunlight.
  • VLT 9-18% - Suitable for sunny to partially clouded day.
  • VLT 19-42% - Suitable for cloudy,foggy day.
  • VLT 43-79% - Suitable for low light conditions.
  • VLT 80-99% - Suitable for dark and poor light.

Lens Tech

  • Detachable Lens System for Quick Lens Changing
  • Anti-Fog Coating featured on the lens
  • UV400 Protection and Anti-glare for Full Eyes Protection

Strap length: Adjustable from 34cm to 60cm
-Lens With Frame Package Includes:

-Lens Replacement Package Includes: 1*ski goggles 1*pouch



  • Lens Size: 86.6inch*68.8inch
  • Lens Material: PC + UV
  • Frame Material: TPU
  • Strap Length: Adjustable from 34cm to 60cm