How to Choose the Best Heated Gloves for Winter

How to Choose the Best Heated Gloves for Winter

With winter approaching, that means it’s time for cold weather activities. It’s important to take care of yourself during the cold months with proper gear. Whether you’re ice fishing, motorcycling, or skiing, keeping your hands warm is an absolute must. That’s where heated gloves come in!


When you’re searching for heated gloves, the options can be overwhelming. Before you buy the first ones to come up in an internet search, doing research will help. For example, heated gloves for skiing have grown in popularity such as Unigear’s 3 Heating Level Rechargeable Heating Gloves.


Heated gloves are a great way to stay warm and safe while skiing, on a motorcycle, or working outside. Let’s look at what heating gloves are and how to choose the best ones for winter.

What are Heated Gloves?

To start, heated gloves are exactly what they sound like. They are gloves with an internal heating system that will keep your hands warm. Typically, they are also waterproof. This makes heated winter gloves a safe choice for working outside.


Normal winter gloves work by trapping your body heat inside. So, if you start sweating, or the gloves get wet, they may not work as well. They also do not distribute heat evenly, but heated gloves do so with an internal heating system.


Heated gloves use a system of small wires inside them to keep you warm. The wires keep the heated gloves from being too bulky, and they come with rechargeable batteries.

What Can Heated Gloves Be Used For?

Heated gloves can be used for a variety of activities to keep you safe and warm during the winter.

Heated Gloves for Skiing

Skiing is a popular winter activity where you definitely need to keep your hands warm. Heated gloves for skiing will ensure that your hands stay warm even on the longest runs.

Heated Gloves for Motorcycle

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying warm weather activities. Wearing heated gloves on your motorcycle can give you more usage time throughout the year.

Working Outside with Heated Winter Gloves

Yard work still needs to be done during the winter. Heated gloves will allow you to safely work outside for a longer period of time.


Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to stop camping! With winter heated gloves, you can build fires and go ice fishing on camping trips all year long.

What to Look for When Buying Heated Gloves

When you’re on the hunt for heated gloves, there are many options available. It’s important to know what you want in a pair before buying.

Consider How the Heated Gloves Fit

One thing you’ll need to look out for is how well the heated gloves fit your hands. If they’re too big, they may not keep your hands as warm as they should. Gloves that don’t fit well can also be unsafe.

How Long the Battery Will Last

If you’re planning to use your heated gloves for skiing, you’ll want them to hold a charge for long periods of time. Unigear’s heated gloves have lithium batteries with heating times of 2.5/4/7 hours. They can be easily recharged with USB ports.

Heated Gloves Material


Another thing to consider is what the heated gloves are made of. The gloves need to protect you not only from the cold, but from wind and any moisture while you’re outside. So, your heated gloves should have a warm and cozy fabric on the inside, with insulation. The outside should be weather-proof, such as leather.

Best Heated Gloves from Unigear

If you’re looking for heated winter gloves, look no further than Unigear 3 Heating Level Rechargeable Heated Gloves. Each glove is powered by its own lithium battery that you can charge separately, along with:


  • Goatskin leather
  • Double layer of 3M insulate
  • ​​Interwoven heating wires for even heat distribution
  • 4 volt 2200 mah capacity lithium batteries
  • 3 temperature settings
  • USB charging for batteries


The elastic fabrics paired with the goatskin leather make these heated gloves not only warm, but flexible enough for any activity. They also offer knuckle protection to keep your hands safe when working outside.


When you turn on your heated gloves, you’ll feel the heat instantly. You can use the settings to find the heating level that works best for you. They’ll also work when you submerge them in water, such as when you’re ice fishing.

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Think of a time you’ve been outside and your hands were freezing. With heated gloves, you won’t have to experience that again. Unigear’s heated gloves are an excellent choice for quality rechargeable heated gloves. They’ll protect you whether you’re skiing or on your motorcycle. Check them out today!

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