Anti-fog Spray For Swim Goggles Glass Cleaner

Strong Nano
Product instructions
  • 1. Add about 14ML of clean water (purified water can be extended shelf life) . It is recommended to use a small container to pour in order to better control the flow of water, shake vigorously and invert, so that the liquid penetrates the sponge head, (Note: Do not fill the water Otherwise it will not be conducive to the dissolution of the concentrate.)
  • 2. Clean the inside of the lens and keep it dry
  • 3. Apply a small amount of anti-fog solution evenly to the inside of the lens and air dry naturally.
  • Note
  • Apply a sustainable anti-fog 3 hours.
  • Recommended for 2 hours.
  • Please clean the lens before painting.
  • Suitable for: diving masks, swimming goggles, automotive glass, and most helmets (not for coated mirrors) .
  • PACKING LISTS: 1x Anti-fog Spray
  • GUARANTEE: 30 Days 100% Satisfaction. View details
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