Coiled SUP Leash 10 feet with Waterproof Pouch


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The Unigear SUP Leash is a 10' coiled cord with a thick 7mm cord, padded ankle cuff with two swivels and anti-rust swivels, a long, flexible leash that can go through a waist pouch. To protect you from falling off your board, the coiling design stops your surfing leash from dragging in the water. You can easily extend it up to 10 feet with the flexible leash when you wipe it out. Designed with a padded neoprene ankle cuff, this surfboard leash is exceptionally comfortable. It fits ankles from 1 to 14 inches in circumference. A nylon ring is attached to the cuff for easy release.

Grab yourself a leash that won't break

Features the highest grade urethane for suburb durability and stop the leash

Double Stainless Steel Swivels

Super Soft Sponge Material

Waterproof Suping Wallet


  • Made with high-quality 7mm urethane cord for strength and lightweight.
  • 10' maximum length coiled leash stretches to allow full range of motion.
  • Two in-line swivels keep the leash from tangling up.
  • Quilted neoprene padded calf strap provides all-day comfort and secures with a hook-and-loop closure.
  • Features quick-release cuff and key pocket for convenience.
  • Durable stainless steel hardware for corrosion-resistant to saltwater.
  • Coming with a waterproof pouch to keep your phone dry and ID safe.

Technical spec

Best Use Paddle Boarding
Materials TPU + Neoprene + Stainless Steel
Dimensions Stretches to 10ft / 305cm
Weight 0.93lbs / 0.42kg
What's Included 1 x Coiled SUP Leash, 1x Waterproof Pouch
Warranty Unconditional return & replacement in 30 days
WARNING: Never hold your board with your hands or fingers wrapped in the cord. This can lead to serious finger injury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How to attach the leash to board?
A: Put the loop of thin black sting through the bracket/ring on your board then put your coil leash end through the black string loop and pull until tight.

Q: What length SUP leash do I need?
A: General rule: Your board leash shoud be the same length or slightly longer than the length of your board. 10' surfboard leash can be used for most long board surfing and SUP.

Q: What Leg Does this thing go on?
A: Your dominant leg is usually the limb of choice to strap your leash to. This is because your dominant leg is often stronger, more versatile, and psychologically probably just feels right. If you don’t know which leg is your dominant leg consider which one you use to kick a soccer ball.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Paquette
10 foot coil surf leash

Excellent and strong quality. I use to tie up kayaks on shore that need to move up and down with tide.

Marty Moore
I love this leash & Waterproof wallet

I love this leash. It is a high quality leash at a fair price. We paddled our SUP on flat water this weekend. This leash is very professional with a thick coil and soft ankle wrap with swivel connections. The ankle strap is very comfortable. It never gets in the way and you really have no idea its on. My problem is that I fall off often. This weekend was no exception. After a fall my friend said the leash was my best investment. It kept me connected to the board. I am a novice paddler and thankful that this leash saved me time and again. I’m looking into getting another board and I will definitely be ordering another one of these leashes. Also I love the Waterproof wallet for my Galaxy 9+. It has a belt and belt loop that makes it more convenient than a lanyard. The wallet stays put on my side unlike a lanyard that swings side to side and gets in your way.