Unigear Hydration Water Bladder, Leakproof Water Reservoir

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To know the usage, cleaning, maintenance and precautions of Unigear hydration bladder, please check and download UNIGEAR HYDRATION BLADDER USER MANUAL

  • BPA free & FDA approved anti-bacterial material
  • Tasteless, safe and durable
  • Wide opening: Can add small ice cubes
  • Premium neoprene tube cover resists temperature changes in different weather
  • Better experience: Thermal tape at each end prevents insulation from sliding and wearing off
  • Material: BPA free & FDA approved anti-bacterial material
  • PACKING LISTS: Bladder *1
  • GUARANTEE: 60 Days 100% Satisfaction
  • FAQ
    Question: I just received the bladder and have never used it before. How to use it?
    1. Answer: 1) First, please connect the bladder tube.
    2. 2) Second, please open the lid.
    3. 3) Third, there is a gap in the middle of the mouthpiece. It needs to be squeezed before you use it to make the gap open completely. Please make sure the gap is open.
    4. 4) Fourth, please make the valve open. Then you can suck water from the tube.
    5. To know more, please check and download USER MANUAL above.
    Question: How to clean the bladder?
    1. Answer: There are many options which can be chosen to clean the bladder, such as soda water, reservoir cleaning tablets, household bleach, lemon juice and denture-cleaning tablets.
    2. You can just use water to clean the bladder if it is not dirty. If the bladder has deposits that build up in the hydration system over time, you can use the options listed above to keep it clean.

    Customer Reviews

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    Does Its Job

    First off, this is the first water bladder i've used. It fits well with the backpack i was wearing and held its position quite well, probably because the backpack was tailored in a way that allows an addition of water bladder to be placed inside. It was the Dakine Mission Pro 25L. The handle made it super easy to fill it with water, no spills at all over the multiple times i've used it. It seems durable as well for its size. Bummer mines didn't come with the cleaning brushes or collapsable drying frame, probably because it was a tester product that i received. Don't let that fool you though this is an honest review. The mouth piece was very easy to use, twist a short amount and it completely locks or opens for you to suck on to get water. The tube itself was very easy to remove and clean, even though no brush i used high pressured water and aimed inside the hole. Bladder did its purpose and retained its quality quite well. Doesn't seem cheap at all. Used it over 10 times for multiple days each and it's awesome. Make sure to clean it thoroughly before using, there may be some chemicals in it or something that makes it tastes funky.