May 13, 2020

Dust masks are one of the most commonly used masks out there. They’re PPE-designed in such a way that it prevents us from breathing in dust particles, allergens, pollution and other particles we’re exposed to throughout the day. At the moment, dust masks have become quite important and it’s essential we know how an activated carbon dust mask works so we can understand their benefits a lot better. 

How Do Activated Carbon Dust Masks Work?

A typical household dust mask works by slowing down your airflow; this is actually crucial when it comes to trapping tiny particles in the mask filter’s fibers. In other words, an activated carbon dust mask will make your breath slower so it can be more effective at performing its main job: filtering the air you’re breathing into your respiratory system. Breathing quickly reduces the filtering efficiency of these masks, so they need to cause that effect to work properly.

It’s worth noting that some dust masks are built in such a way that they can still filter particles effectively when you’re engaged in physical activity such as running, cycling or any other activity that requires high and fast breathing. In such cases, the particular filters in the mask must be well-constructed to do their job well.

In most cases, particular filters are made with non-woven fibrous filters, which are successful at trapping all the particles that come in while breathing in the air. The fibers that make up the filter actually create a crisscross pattern that makes a web of layers that’s the first line of defense for your respiratory system.


What Does Activated Carbon Provide?

The tighter these layers are, the harder it will be for you to breathe in. But the good news is that any particles that try to penetrate into the mask will be trapped in between the layers of the filter. The trapping of the particles can be further improved by the use of additional systems or techniques, such as using activated carbon filters in the masks.

An activated carbon filter works by increasing the effectiveness of the trapping process thanks to the porous carbon. It also employs an absorption process that traps all the particles captured by the carbon. This means an activated carbon dust mask will keep you safe in any environment where you’re exposed to harmful or hazardous particles such as viruses, chemicals, toxic substances, etc.


In short, an activated carbon dust mask is a lot more efficient at keeping you safe from allergens and other harmful particles in the air than regular dust masks. If you want to have the certainty that your respiratory system will be free of anything that can cause it harm, an activated carbon dust mask is the right choice.

Because of the carbon, the filter will be a lot more efficient in trapping particles as you take each breath. Yes, it’s a bit more difficult to breathe with these masks, but that’s precisely why they’re so effective!

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